• Some anticholinergics are linked to 50% greater dementia risk

    Prescribers should exercise caution with middle-aged and older adults.

  • Bipolar disorder increases Parkinson’s risk 7-fold

    Large case-control study with up to a decade of follow-up.

  • Raucherentwöhnung kann auch bei psychisch schwer kranken Menschen erfolgreich sein

    Maßgeschneidertes Entwöhnungsprogramm bietet Hilfe zum Ausstieg auch für psychisch schwer kranke Raucher.

  • Bipolar depression: infliximab fails trial, shows benefit in subtype

    Benefit limited to patients reporting childhood abuse.

  • Psoriasis tied to elevated risk for mental disorders in Danish study

    Population study shows association across a wide spectrum of psychiatric issues.

  • Bipolar drug therapy tied to nephrotoxicity

    Over a quarter of cases were classified as severe.

  • Hysterectomy tied to increased risk for bipolar disorder

    Endometriosis and hormone therapy may add to the risk.

  • Statine, Kalziumblocker und Biguanide mit besserem Outcome bei Psychiatrie-Patienten assoziiert

    Schwedische Kohortenstudie identifiziert drei Klassen von Herz- Kreislauf- und Diabetesarzneien als möglicherweise hilfreich für Psychiatrie-Patienten.

  • Bipolar depression: cariprazine safe, effective in phase 3 RCT

    Data show benefit for 1.5 and 3.0 mg daily doses.

  • In utero exposure to maternal infection tied to increased autism, depression risk

    Individual risks are small.

  • TBI raises attempted suicide risk among adolescents and young adults

    Being female or younger also were independent risk factors.

  • Clinicians are asking the right questions to detect suicidal behavior

    Specific predictors identified in this study are already part of standard assessments.

  • Low-birth-weight children have increased risk for neuropsych disorders

    Risk is increased for depression and autism, among others.

  • Childhood lead exposure tied to poor adult mental health, behavior

    30-year study adds to evidence for long-term effects of early lead exposure.

  • Antipsychotic, antidepressant adverse effects often differ in children, adults

    Most common ADR in pediatric patients was sedation.

  • IBD tied to bipolar disorder in nationwide cross-sectional study

    Ulcerative colitis but not Crohn's disease implicated in higher risk for BD.

  • Friendship, family dynamics affect teenage suicide risk beyond mental illness

    Mental illness is often cited as the primary factor in suicide risk.

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