• Pain is not associated with fall risk in older adults after age 80 years

    Before this age, pain is a factor in recurrent falls.

  • Gonarthrose: Schmerzen im unteren Rücken mit erhöhtem Risiko für mehrfache Stürze verknüpft

    Die Ergebnisse waren unabhängig von der Stärke der Knieschmerzen.

  • Smoking may leave a legacy of increased pain, even after quitting
    Smoking may leave a legacy of increased pain, even after quitting

    Former daily smokers report higher levels of pain than people who have never smoked daily.

  • Acupuncture, acupressure reduce cancer pain, opioid use

    New meta-analysis includes recent randomized controlled trials not included in prior analyses.

  • Afib: DOACs tied to reduced fracture risk vs warfarin

    Apixaban stands out among DOACs for lower fracture incidence.

  • Opioid dose tapering on the rise

    But many may be tapering too quickly.

  • Early imaging for older patients with lower back pain linked to more pain, opioid use

    Although guidelines recommend against early imaging in younger patients, some offer it as an option for patients aged >50 years.

  • Can mind-body therapies help reduce opioid-treated pain?
    Can mind-body therapies help reduce opioid-treated pain?

    Findings from a new systematic review and meta-analysis published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

  • Mind-body therapies linked to decrease in pain, opioid use

    Meta-analysis found the largest effects with meditation, hypnosis, suggestion, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Immigrants' prescription opioid use increases the longer they are in the US

    Nonimmigrants are significantly more likely to use prescription opioids than immigrants, suggesting a unique US cultural influence.

  • Prescription pain, insomnia use increase risk for frailty in older US adults

    Nearly 80% of co-users met the criteria for frailty.

  • Smartphone-Studie gibt „wetterfühligen“ Schmerz-Patienten recht

    Das Wetter hat offenbar wirklich Einfluss auf das Schmerz-Empfinden. Aber: Der Zusammenhang ist relativ schwach, wie britische Forscher festgestellt haben.

  • Health officials issue guidance on tapering chronic opioid therapy

    Recommendations address confusion over 2016 CDC guidelines.

  • FDA, DEA crack down on illegal online opioid dealers

    The joint warning targets 4 networks that operate 10 websites

  • Chronic pain: 1 in 5 patients has comorbid depression

    Prevalence high among whites, women, and people aged 45-65 years.

  • Arthritis Foundation issues first CBD guidance

    FDA urged to expedite research and regulation.

  • Chronic pain: heavy medical cannabis use tied to worsened pain

    Study highlights need for cannabis use guidelines.

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