• Hip fracture increased by use of multiple, concurrent fracture-associated drugs

    Analysis of 11.3 million person-years finds that FADs are commonly used and commonly combined.

  • Sleep is tied to bone health in women

    Women sleeping 5 hours or less nightly had lower bone mineral density.

  • Afib: choice of anticoagulant may affect fracture risk

    DOACs carried lower risks for fractures and osteoporotic fractures than vitamin K antagonists.

  • Could sleep interventions mitigate against bone loss?
    Could sleep interventions mitigate against bone loss?

    New research suggests short sleep duration is linked with lower bone mineral density.

  • Mild physical activity linked to lower fracture risk in elderly women

    Women's Health Initiative is a large prospective cohort of about 77,000 women.

  • Osteoporosis drugs vary in their association with CVD risk

    Denosumab shows no association but romosozumab does in this meta-analysis.

  • COPD: high-dose inhaled corticosteroids tied to T2DM, osteoporosis

    Matched cohort implicates ICS mean daily exposures of 500 μg or more.

  • Low grip strength in elderly may predict osteoporotic fracture

    The Tromsø Study was a Norwegian population-based cohort of nearly 7000 people followed for 15 years.

  • EMA kehrt Entscheidung zu Romosozumab bei Osteoporose um
    EMA kehrt Entscheidung zu Romosozumab bei Osteoporose um

    Die Aufsichtsbehörde hatte aufgrund von Sicherheitsbedenken anfänglich eine negative Beurteilung für die Behandlung abgegeben.

  • Adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities have double the risk of fracture

    Neglected population of nearly 121,000 is compared to 8.7 million nondisabled adults.

  • Network meta-analysis nixes bone benefit from vitamin D, calcium

    Findings question value of supplementation for older community-dwelling adults.

  • Osteoporosis: teriparatide tops 3 other nonbisphosphonates in network meta-analysis

    All 4 nonbisphosphonates (vs placebo) were effective against vertebral and hip fractures.

  • Yogurt linked to lower hip fracture risk in meta-analysis

    But high cheese intake had no hip fracture benefit.

  • Brustkrebs: Bisphosphonate reduzieren aromataseinhibitoren-induziertes Frakturrisiko

    Große spanische Kohorte bestätigt höheres Frakturrisiko im Vergleich zu Tamoxifen.

  • Preventing secondary fracture in elders: new consensus recommendations

    Guidelines from a multistakeholder coalition assembled by ASBMR.

  • Hochdosierte Statine mit erhöhtem Osteoporoserisiko verbunden
    Hochdosierte Statine mit erhöhtem Osteoporoserisiko verbunden

    Ergebnisse einer Analyse von Daten von 7,9 Millionen Patienten, die vom Verein Complexity Science Hub Vienna durchgeführt wurde.

  • Nutzen eines Osteoporose-Screenings für die Allgemeinheit momentan nicht belegbar

    Screening auf Osteoporose in der Allgemeinbevölkerung hat wahrscheinlich wenig oder gar keinen Nutzen zur Minimierung der Frakturraten.

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