• WHO to review pain management guidelines
    WHO to review pain management guidelines

    A call for experts is to be issued this weekend.

  • Chronic pain prevalent among cancer survivors

    Providers need more awareness, training.

  • Virtual reality eases pain in hospitalized patients

    Effects were strongest in patients with severe pain.

  • AAN, AHS issue new guidelines for pediatric migraine

    Recommendations for prophylaxis and acute treatment in children, teenagers.

  • 1 in 4 opioid users develop esophageal dysfunction

    Association was significantly stronger with oxycodone or hydrocodone.

  • Opioids after pediatric tonsillectomy: are they necessary?

    Guidelines recommend nonopioids as first-line option.

  • Modulated magnetic pulses linked to migraine symptom relief

    Treatment could elucidate connections between skeletal musculature and headache pain.

  • Low-dose ibuprofen in ED cuts pain as well as high dose

    Authors encourage modest discharge doses as well.

  • Rimegepant offers relief from migraine in phase 3 trial

    A single orally dissolving tablet increased likelihood of relief within 2 hours.

  • Prenatal opioid exposure is linked to effects well into the elementary years

    Cohort study finds association with growth and neurodevelopment.

  • Bladder pain syndrome improves after investigative laparoscopy

    Outcome occurs both with and without endometriosis treatment.

  • Studie bestätigt erhöhtes Suizidrisiko unter Gabapentinoiden, vor allem bei jungen Menschen

    Zahlreiche negative Ereignisse können unter Gabapentinoiden häufiger auftreten. Betroffen sind davon vorwiegend jüngere Patienten.

  • Drug disposal bags decrease opioid misuse after pediatric surgeries

    Randomized clinical trial finds ~20% higher proper disposal rate.

  • Prostate biopsy: nerve block combination bests standard pain control

    Alternate method is more effective, with similar complication rates and costs.

  • Inpatient opioids tied to doubled risk for at-home use

    Nearly half of opioid-naive patients received opioids during their hospital stay.

  • Pain task force calls for individualized, patient-centered care

    Final report from the Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force.

  • App helps reduce post-surgical opiate use
    App helps reduce post-surgical opiate use

    New research presented at the Euroanaesthesia congress at the weekend.

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